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A Replock replaces the cylinder or barrel from an existing vehicle lock which has a particularly vulnerable OE (original equipment) lock system. It also replaces the face of the lock changing it from a normal key to an anti-pick key.


Vehicle Theft is on the Rise

Expensive tools and equipment are stored in many vans, sometimes gear worth more than the van itself. With vehicle theft not exactly being top of the Police’s agenda vehicle break-ins are on the up.


Ford Transit break-in in less than 20 seconds

This viral Youtube video shows a van owner demonstrating how thieves broke into his van in less than 20 seconds. Thieves have just popped off the lock surround exposing the lock barrel and have used mull grips to twist the lock. When the barrel is twisted the vehicle unlocks, and the central locking opens the rear and turns the factory alarm off.

Theft by Lock Pick

More and more thieves are breaking into cars & vans by picking the door lock on the driver’s door. These picks can be found easily online from around £20+ and there are plenty of demos online of how to pick a lock in seconds. Amazon have been criticised widely for selling lock picks but they have continued to do so.  The issue is exacerbated by a lack of legislation, enabling anybody (not just licensed locksmiths) to purchase these locksmith tools.

When the lock is picked it automatically turns off the alarm and opens the rear section of the vehicle.  The entire vehicle can then be stolen by over-riding the OBD (on-board diagnostics) sockets or, the load and rear barn doors can be opened and the contents of the van stolen easily.


How to Secure your Van

A Replock

A replock is a direct replacement cylinder for the OE (original equipment) lock. It is a high security, anti pick device. Our replocks are fitted with a wide steel bezel (disc that surrounds the cylinder) which makes it much harder to attack. Some replocks have spinning bezels, which make it very difficult to get a tool underneath.

Replock Kits-n-bits


Lock Protectors

As additional security a steel lock protector plate can be fitted around the replock.

Vehicle Lock Protector kit-n-Bits


Slam Locks & Deadlocks

Slam Locks and deadlocks are additional aftermarket Thatcham insurance approved locks, which provide extra security for the load area and rear doors and can work in conjunction with a replock to ensure maximum vehicle security.



Vehicle Security Solutions

Unfortunately no one combination of these measures can give 100% security. The harder a vehicle is to break into, the more deterrents you have in place, the more likely it is that a thief will move on to a more vulnerable vehicle.


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