Commercial vehicles have been a favourite target for thieves for many years. All too often the locks on manufacturers vehicles are just not up to resisting the kind of attacks which we can experience in the UK.  Kits-n-Bits are often asked what additional security measures we can add to help to secure the manufacturers weak points on a vehicle, particularly vans carrying expensive tools.

Van locks can come across as confusing and with a large range to choose from you may struggle to choose the right ones for your vehicle, so we thought it would be useful to post a blog.  There are 2 main types of locking methods used, Slamlocks and Deadlocks.


What is the difference between a Deadlock and a Slamlock?





A deadlock is completely separate to the existing locking mechanism. It is only locked when you manually throw the key within the lock and unlocked by simply turning the key in the cylinder. These locks are very similar to a deadbolt commonly fitted on front doors in the home.  The deadlock’s main purpose is to provide extra overnight security, or additional security in vulnerable locations.  If thieves are able get past the original lock then they will also need to get past the deadlock system to gain access to the vehicle. The T Series deadlock is fully Thatcham approved




A Slamlock integrates with the existing locking mechanism on your vehicle.  If a slamlock is fitted, the door of the vehicle automatically locks when it closes. It’s really useful for the multi-drop driver or couriers.  The door is unlocked with a key and then as the driver pushes the door closed it automatically locks behind him. The main time the couriers and multidrop drivers are vunerable is when they are holding their delivery with two hands and aren’t able to lock the door. In the time it takes to drop off the parcel, their other goods could be stolen. The slam locks can be bypassed from inside the vehicle if you get locked in, meaning your safety is never at risk.

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Additional Security

Lock protection plate

protection plate

It’s very common to break into a vehicle by drilling a hole just above the door handle or by means of a screwdriver being forced through a gap between the handle and the vehicle body. The thief can lever onto the back of the OE lock mimicking the action of the key being put into the door and being turned. and pop the lock open.  A protection plate can be fitted around the door handle protecting the lock. It can also cover up the damage if this has already happened to you

The ProPlate is a neat stainless steel shield that prevents thieves from attacking this vulnerable area. It is secured behind the manufacturers door lock but clearly visible to a would-be thief; a great visual deterrent.



There are of course lots of additions which can really enhance your vehicle’s security, further internal plates can be fitted to a vehicle to secure the manufactures weak points, as well as alarms and trackers etc. For further information go to Alarms and Imobilisers or Vehicle Tracking or call the office on 01446 334005 and we’ll do our best to help.

The Ultimate Lock

We love a Youtube film at Kits-n-Bits and this film by Locks4Vans is a good little demo of what their Ultimate Lock can do. For further details go to Central Locking and Locks