What is a Category 5 vehicle tracker

A category 5 vehicle tracker is the top of the range vehicle tracking device in UK. Cat 5 trackers are the highest categorised vehicle security certified by the insurance industry and is tested to Thatcham TQA standard.

A Category 5 Vehicle Tracker as an Insurance Requirement

If your insurance company has asked you to fit a Category 5 vehicle tracker there will be little point negotiating for the much cheaper Cat 6.  Cat 5 devices are often an insurance requirement for high value, high performance, new cars. In these cases it is usually impossible to get insurance without a Category 5 system installed and monitored.

How can a Category 5 vehicle tracker protect your vehicle?

The key features which set the Cat 5 aside from other trackers are:

  • The Cat 5 provides the greatest level of security and recoverability, level 1 police response (immediate response).
  • Remote immobilisation: Cat 5 can, not only track the whereabouts of a stolen vehicle, but has the ability to immobilise the car remotely.
  • Protects against key theft: the owner must carry a small transponder unit the size of a credit card separately to the car keys, for example in a wallet. If the car is started with the keys but the transponder isn’t present the system with know the car has been stolen and will alert the operations centre which in turn will alert the police and owner.
  • Having an in-built battery back-up, the device has the ability to remain operational even when the vehicle’s power supply is removed.

The general features below can be found on most Cat 6 Trackers:

  • Monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Can be tracked when stolen
  • Uses GPS Tracking
  • Battery disconnect/low level alert – you will receive a call if your battery is disconnected
  • Motion sensor alert

Although the Cat 5 tracker has quite a high initial cost, it will allow  reduced insurance premiums as well as peace of mind that most vehicles are retrieved within just a few hours after theft.

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