Vehicle Tracking

What is Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle trackers are one of our most popular products. In this blog we have taken some of the most FAQ that we get asked in the Kits-n-Bits office and answered them for you. We have tried to avoid jargon and complicated technical explainations. For more detailed product information visit our Vehicle Tracking page.

We hope it helps you decide if you need a tracker and what is the best kind of tracker for you.


What is a vehicle tracking device?

A vehicle tracking device, usually a small black box, is installed into your vehicle. It makes it possible, usually using GPS and Internal Aerial Technology to give detailed information about the location of the vehicle. Devices used by insurers can sometimes monitor driving habits.

Why do I need a vehicle tracker?

There are many reasons our customers come to us asking about vehicle trackers.

  • To reduce their insurance premium
  • They have a high value (can be sentimental or monetary) vehicle and if it gets stolen they want to recover it at all costs.
  • They have a fleet of vehicles and want to be able to see their drivers’ locations at any time.

Can I put a tracker on my caravan?

Yes you can fit a tracker onto Caravans, Cars, Vans, Plant, Agricultural, Marine, Motorcycle and OFF-road vehicles.

Are all Trackers insurance approved?

No, not all trackers are insurance approved. You generally find Thatcham Approved trackers are approved by insurance companies. That’s why we recommend the SmarTrack tracker systems.

Can you see the tracker box inside the car?

If your tracker is for anti-theft reasons then it will be hidden. Fleet tracking devices, which are used to keep track of drivers, fuel consumption, and speed are sometimes visible.

So, if I have a tracker installed and I notice my vehicle is missing what do I do?

You need to call the 24 hour service line and report the missing vehicle. Your tracking service will then locate the vehicle and contact the police to arrange recovery.

Can I get a tracker which recognises unauthorised movement?

Yes you can. If someone steals your car without using the keys the service centre will be automatically alerted.

What if someone steals my keys and then steals my car?

In that situation you would have to call in the theft, however, you can upgrade a basic SmarTrack Protector Pro Global tracker with a DRST card. This card has a touchpad covertly located inside the vehicle.  If the vehicle is moved without the pad being touched by the DRST card the service centre will be alerted. So if someone steals your keys and they don’t have the DRST card the service centre will be alerted.

What’s the top of the range Tracker?

The S5+ tracking device ideal for high value vehicles requiring the very best security. It has internal aerials for enhanced security and the ability to immobilise the vehicle. To find out the differece between an S5+ tracker and an S7 visit our blog. Very few companies have S5+ fitter status, which requires extensive police checks. We are proud at Kits-n-Bits to have attained approval 3 years ago.

But I need a tracker to monitor my fleet not for anti theft.

Our UTrack fleet tracker is the perfect product, in fact all our own Kits- n-Bits engineers have one fitted into their van. It’s a self-track tracking device and is able to track vehicles to your own secure online account. For more information go to our Fleet Tracking page.

How do I know my tracker works?

When the engineer installs your tracking system, he or she will call the 24 hr SmarTrack Commissioning desk to verify the live position of your vehicle. They will check all the information (Telemetrics) provided by the live device data, track and confirm FULL operation of the SmarTrack tracker.

What if thieves disconnect my battery?

The tracker has it’s own low level/battery disconnect alert.

How does the subscription work?

When you buy a tracker you pay for it to be installed. To maintain the tracking service you need to pay subscriptions. These can be paid annually, eg. the Smartrack Protector Pro annual subs are £149 inc vat. Or you can pay for the duration of vehicle ownership, eg. £399 inc vat for the Protector Pro.

What happens if I change my vehicle?

We can transfer your tracker into another vehicle for a call out fee, but you would have to take out a new subscription.




Visit our Vehicle Tracking page for further information or call our office on 01446 334005 and we’ll do our very best to help with your query.