FORS Compliance

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The FORS Compliance Scheme

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators are reaching its high standards.  FORS compliance is voluntary and open to any company operating a fleet including vans, lorries, mini-buses and coaches.

For vehicle operators, it offers peace of mind that they are meeting their legislative requirements, as well as helping to increase efficiency, reduce costs and win work. Accreditation can provide the tools to help you become safer, greener and more efficient. It is an excellent way to prove to existing and potential clients your credentials as a high performing operator who adheres to high quality standards.

There are three levels of accreditation, Bronze , Silver and Gold.  The FORS Standard version 5 is now available to download from the FORS  website and becomes effective from Monday 14 January 2019 for both new and existing operators. It lists full info on each levels requirement including, health & safety, systems and procedures.  For a quicker overview go to Five Reasons to go FORS.

As a trusted FORS Associate, Kits-n-Bits can advise you and can supply and fit all the in-vehicle tech you require to get FORS accreditation.

“Kits-n-Bits Ltd offer not only first rate FORS compliance products and installation service, but also have the knowledge and experience to offer great advice and guidance when I’ve asked as well as excellent after sales customer service to myself and my customers, and I would have great pleasure in recommending them to any business”  RW Keltruck Scania

Products Available For FORS Compliance

FORS Compliance

Rigid Vehicle/Tractor Unit


Minimum standards to achieve FORS Compliance

FORS Safety Equipment

1. Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection – 4 sensor system increases safety when turning or low speed manoeuvring.

2&3. Camera Monitor Systems – mounted at the front near side of the vehicle facing backwards looking down the side of the vehicle. Covers blind spots you can’t see in the mirror. Comes with 7″ dash mount monitor which powers up when indicating left and travelling at speeds below 14mph, showing the camera view.

4. Warning Alarms – audible alarm with side turn warning for cyclists/pedestrians (warning this vehicle is turning left). Activates on left turn indication and speeds below 14 mph, complements sidescan sensor system. Reverse audible warning external alarm, (white noise). Reverse camera for rigid vehicles over 7.5 tonnes gross weight .

FORS Compliance

More Information on FORS Compliance

To see a FORS job in more detail with lots of visuals please visit our blog  client case study.

Download Five Reason to Go Fors  for a quick overview

If you would like more information about FORS compliance please look at our blog What is FORS Compliance?’ or you’d like a quote or some advice please call the office on 01446 334005 and we will be happy to help.