Fors compliant safety equipment case study

Keltruck Scania of Cardiff, one of our most valued customers, handed over the first batch of 19 new Scania trucks to Tom Prichard Contracting Ltd this March 1st.  Kits-n-Bits are proud to have done all of the aftermarket FORS compliant vehicle safety equipment installations.

FORS compliant safety equipment was fitted as will as a number of additions:


Ultasonic Obstacle Detection


Obstacle detection sensor

Obstacle detection sensor


There are 4 ultrasonic sensors fitted down the length of the near side of the vehicle, which are automatically activated below 10mph. The display in the cab will flash from green to amber to red, depending on the proximity of an obstacle. An audible warning beeper alerts the driver when display goes red.


sensor alert



Audible Warning Alert

A ‘vehicle is turning left’ audible warning is triggered once when the indicator is activated and again if the sensors detect an obstacle when stationary or traveling under 10mph.


Left View Camera

near side camera

The left view 100 degree camera displays the near side of the vehicle so the driver has a clear visual of any obstacles such as cyclists when the left indicator is used. The footage is displayed on the OEM monitor already fitted into the cab.


Additions to the FORS specifications

We fitted a 6-channel AHD DVR system recording onto a 1tb hard drive, which gives extensive recording capability.  The footage is overwritten on a loop.  The system has full GPS so can pinpoint location as well as drivers speed details. There is a 3g facility on this DVR and a SIM card can be added for remote live view. The DVR also records the following inputs: left indicator, right indicator, reverse and foot brake feeds.



Additional Cameras

Offside camera

Forward facing

Load camera on roof of cab

Camera in cab to view driver

With the original reverse camera at rear of the truck interfaced into the DVR to record, and the 5 additional cameras, the clients can be sure that any incident will be recorded for insurance purposes.

reverse cam view



The brand new truck was fitted with a 5ft low profile Redtronic beacon bar and hideaway led strobes into the front grille as well as two high power led strobes fitted to the rear, all activated by the factory beacon switch.

For information on FORS compliant safety kit, please call us on 01446 334005 or visit our blog post Equipment Required for Vehicles over 3.5 Tonnes for FORS Accreditation