Rhino ImpactStep

The Rhino ImpactStep


We’ve known Rhino for a long time. We know they are industry leaders in the manufacture of top quality roof racks, bars, ladder restraints, rear door steps and other accessories for commercial vehicles.



Rhino have been championing the new ImpactStep over the past year, so what makes it different?


Rhino ImpactStep

The Rhino ImpactStep is a rear mounted step which has been designed to protect your vehicle from low speed parking and loading impacts.

The standard sell on a rear step is that it can can reduce the lifetime cost of ownership of your van by significantly reducing body repair costs and vehicle down-time, which is true with the ImpactStep. Yes, it provides rear access to the vehicle with a full width step design and large safety tread area. It has an anti-slip gripping surface with high visibility reflective strip ensuring employers carry out their duty of care to their employees.

Something Different

Shock Absorbers

ImpactStep shock absorber

The key difference is the step’s ability to absorb shock of up to 60 mm of compression due to twin rubber buffer shocks. It has a unique pivoting bracket design, which can also absorb any corner impact.

ImpactStep can resist an impact of up to 6 tonnes

The Rhino ImpactStep has been independently tested up to 3mph on a fully laden Mercedes Sprinter and proven to resist an impact of up to 6 tonnes.


Check out the video to see the step in action



Available in two versions -:


Protects the rear of the vehicle upon impact

Twin rubber buffer shocks

Shock absorption of up to 60mm compression

Unique pivoting bracket design absorbs corner impact

Independently laboratory impact tested

Quick and simple fitting installation

Full width step design with large safety tread area

Anti-slip gripping surface with high visibility reflective strip


Safe and secure access for the driver

Increased visibility

Reversing sensors

Safe and efficient reverse parking

Reduced accident risk

Enhanced driver safety

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