waterproof keypad immobiliser for plant vehicles

A large number of accidents are caused on sites by untrained drivers.  A driver authentication system such as our keypad immobiliser can minimise accidents of this type and help prevent theft of machinery.

Waterproof Keypad Immobiliser for Plant Vehicles

This waterproof keypad immobiliser provides a robust and secure driver/operator authentication system to prevent theft and unauthorised use of tractors, plant and farm machinery. The system has been validated for a minimum of 50,000 cycles and vibration tested in the range of 20 – 200 Hz 5g.


  • Up to 99 users available, these can be easily created and deleted by the administrator
  • The last user can be identified in case of damage
  • The keypad immobiliser arms automatically when the ignition has been turned off
  • Can be wired to the handbrake or seat belt, etc for start authorisation
  • IP65 rated
  • Works from -40°C to 90°C
  • Single Circuit 16A Relay can be expanded
  • Operating Voltage 12V – 90V – Suitable for electric machines


waterproof keypad immobiliser for plant vehicles


The system disarming can be remotely inhibited by an additional input provided as standard.  A compatible system and subscription will be required for this functionality, please ask for more information.


waterproof keypad immobiliser for plant vehicles

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