Towing electrics enable the rear indicators and lights of the trailer or caravan to work while you are towing. When you have a towbar fitted you also have an electric socket fitted to your vehicle so it can be plugged into your caravan or trailer. The type of electrics you choose depends on your individual towing needs.

There are three types of socket; 7 pin single socket, twin 7 pin sockets, or the new 13 pin socket which is now standard in Europe. If you are towing a trailer and you need to run just your rear lights behind the trailer you will probably want a 7pin socket. If you need to run a leisure battery in a caravan while you are towing you will want 2x7pin or a 13 pin socket, check your caravan for the correct plug connection. If you caravan has a 2x7pin socket (twin) you can still get the more up to date 13 pin socket on your vehicle and connect them with an adaptor.




Products Available For Towing Electrics

7pin single towing electrics

7 Pin Electrics

13 pin towing electrics

13 Pin Electrics

twin towing electrics

Twin (2x7pin) Electrics


Dedicated or Universal Towing Electrics?

Vehicles are becoming more and more complex, on board computers more advanced and wiring systems more state of the art. Up until a few years ago it was standard to use a universal electric kit and connect towing electrics to the rear lights of the car.

Over the last few years dedicated electrics, also known as vehicle specific electrics or plug-in kits, have been developed which do not require cutting the wiring. These towing electrics work in harmony with your on-board computer. Dedicated electrics may be a more expensive option but do have many benefits if you have a relatively new vehicle with an advanced computer system.


  • Industry standard for many years
  • Cheapest option
  • Uses by-pass relay system
  • Audible warning for trailer indicators
  • Involves cutting & splicing wires
  • May invalidate your warranty
  • Trailer stability programme not activated

Dedicated/Vehicle Specific/Plug-in

  • Will not invalidate your vehicle warranty
  • Designed to original equipment specification
  • Will allow the vehicle to automatically activate any towing modes (including safety and stability features)
  • Parking aids and vehicle fog light disables while towing
  • May need recoding
  • Costs more


Kits-n-Bits have provided a mobile towbar fitting service in South Wales for many years. So whether you live in Carmarthen, Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport or many other locations in South Wales then we can come to you to install your towbar. If you would like to talk about your requirements call us and we’ll do our very best to help.

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