To answer this question of the trailer reverse light we need to ask ourselves how heavy is the trailer?  Does your trailer exceed 750 kg in weight?

The law states that ANY trailer including caravans that exceed 750 kg need to have a fully functioning trailer reverse light.  This is specified in Section 6.4 of regulation 48 approval of vehicles with regard to the installation of lighting and light signalling devices.  If you really want to get down and dirty with the detail, click this link, which will take you to the 2008 UN agreement document.

In addition, trailers over 750 kg which exceed 6 metres in length are required to have 2 fully functioning trailer reverse lights.  For those under 6 metres, 1 reverse light will suffice.

For a long time the 12N 7 Pin has been the most common connector for towing commercial trailers, but it doesn’t include the reverse light function.


Vehicles over 750 kg

If your vehicle does fall into the over 750 kg category you will need the connector to be a 13 pin, which has the following advantages

• Includes Reversing Light Function

• Superior connectivity – twist and lock connection with rubber seals to eliminate water and dirt/dust ingress

• Upgradeable to include power for ATC, Battery charging, fridge operation or other 12v trailer auxiliaries

• Vehicle Future-proofing

13 pin towing electrics13 PIN ELECTRICS


In some cases with older trailers a reverse light might have to be added, but the key point is if your trailer requires reverse light you need to fit a 13 pin connector NOT a 7 pin connector

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