Plant tracker

Over the last few years trackers and telemetric devices for plant vehicles have become more and more in demand.  Customers with high value vehicles are protecting themselves against increasing sophistication of thieves.  Companies with multiple vehicles to track are finding that using a fleet tracking system enables them to improve the efficiency of their fleet, increase the productivity of staff as well as evaluate fuel consumption and employees speed.  Fitting a tracker can often reduce your insurance premium as well as give you peace of mind that your vehicle is retrievable. We supply and fit insurance approved and Thatcham accredited trackers to all vehicle types including S7 TSC and S5 TSC tracker categories (formerly Cat 5 & Cat 6).
Our recommended trackers are manufactured by SmarTrack.

Products Available For Plant Vehicle Trackers

vehicle tracking

Trackers for Plant Vehicles

This tracking system/tracker has been tested to Thatcham S7 TSC ( formerly TQA104 Cat 6) status for Plant, Agricultural Motorcycles and Marine vehicles. It uses a very small amount of power making it ideal for all the above applications. 

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