RoadView Witness Camera Dashcam

Special Offer £190 inc VAT & Fitting

Over 4 million people protect themselves with a witness camera also known as a drive recorder or dashcam in an effort to hold dangerous drivers to account. Video footage can be supplied to insurers and emergency services in the event of a collision. The idea is simple it records short clips on a constant loop and, if you have an accident, you can save the clip. Dash cams are particularly useful for  professional drivers who spend all day on the road and are more likely to be involved in an incident. For the rest of us, aside from the  advantage of being able to prove who was liable in a crash, it is also possible to get an insurance discount from some insurers.

The RoadView Vehicle Witness Camera Dashcam

RoadView Witness Camera


The Roadview vehicle witness camera dashcam boasts sleek design, state of the art technology, G sensors and easy operating instructions. It’s hardwired in ensuring no loose cables.  Mobile fitting by one of our expert engineers is all included in the price making it all round superb value and second to none if you are looking for a mid-range dashcam


RoadView Witness Camera


There is an abundance of dashcams available online but RoadView has been fitted into our own Kits-n-Bits vehicles and fully tried and tested. We recommend the RoadView as it offers the best quality footage and exceptionally straightforward functionality at a great price.


  • Records Sound and Video with full HD (1080) at 30 frames per second and colour display
  • High quality 140° wide-angle lens
  • Auto on/off This function allows a dash camera to turn on when the car ignition is on as it is hardwired in to the ignition, unlike many dashcams there are no cables loose inside the car taking up the 12v socket
  • Winner of Good Design award. It’s sleek & stylish but functional design allows for easy attachment, detachment and portability
  • Fits perfectly and discreetly behind your rear view mirror
  • Various recording functions with 180° rotating lens so its possible to record footage inside the vehicle.
  • G sensor A built in sensor detects violent movements, such as impacts, or cornering force and automatically stores the footage to a folder for easy retrieval
  • Straightforward operating instructions with voice guide
  • Comes with 32gig memory card and computer software for Windows so you can access your footage easily.


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Click on the videos below to see the recording quality during the daytime and at night.

If you would like some more information about the Roadview Witness Camera/dashcam please call us on 01446 334005. We can talk you though the product and the software, and answer any questions.

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