Cycle Carriers

From £72 inc VAT

At Kits-n-Bits we are expert towbar fitters. We can also advise you on the best cycle carrier for your needs. Before you can choose a cycle carrier you need to ask the following questions:

  • How many bikes am I likely to want to carry?
  • Which types of cycle carrier are available for my vehicle, and how many bikes/cycles can be carried on each type?
  • What is my vehicle’s nose weight and is it enough to safely carry the cycle rack and the bikes’ combined weight?

We have listed several types of bike carrier on this page which differ because of the way they attach to the vehicle and the tilting and folding mechanisms. Bolt on models which don’t fold up tend to be the more economical.

If you can’t see what you are looking for on our page please call us and we will be able to help you find an alternative.

Products Available For Cycle Carriers

ZX203 Cycle Carrier

ZX200 Series

Bolt-on, Towbar Mounted, Tilting Cycle Carrier
from £120 inc VAT

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ZX503 Cycle Carrier

ZX500 Series

Clamp-On, Towball Mounted Tilting Cycle Carrier with Folding Platform from £355 inc VAT

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ZX210 Cycle Carrier


Lockable, Clamp-On Towball Mounted Tilting Cycle Carrier from £195 inc VAT

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ZX408 Cycle Carrier


Bolt-On, Towball Mounted, Tilting 4 Bike Cycle Carrier from £205 inc VAT

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ZX304 Cycle Carrier


Clamp on towball mounted cycle carrier from £193 inc VAT

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ZX89 Cycle Carrier


Flange Towbar Mounted Cycle Carrier 3 Bike (With/Without Clamps) From £72 inc VAT

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Further Information on Cycle Carriers

There are many styles of cycle carrier on the market, roof mounted on a roof rack and also rear door mounted cycle carriers which are held on with straps.  Kits-n-Bits feel that the towbar mounted carrier are safer and sturdier than any other style. They are easy to lift your bikes onto and allow access, in most cases, to the boot of the vehicle.  The new ZX500 range even fold up when not in use to reduce rear clearance and the lightboard flips down to display rearward.

Other styles of cycle carrier are available from Kits-n-Bits including those allowing for spare wheels and those if you ned to tow and carry at the same time. Please call us for further advice and information on 01446 334005.