360 degree cameras

See What You Can’t See – No More Blind Spots

A state of the art 360 degree camera system that gives the driver a 360°  field of view around the vehicle on one screen.  For on-site health and safety compliance and safer low speed manoeuvring. It gives a bird’s eye view of the road and everything around it, helping to avoid injuries and fatalities especially in congested areas.  The unique system for rigid bodied trucks, overcomes the safety issues drivers face with manoeuvring large vehicle’s in confined spaces and down narrow lanes.

360° Cameras – How do they work?

This innovative 360 degree vehicle camera system utilises up to 8 Sony 1080P full HD cameras, with a 192° horizontal viewing angle, secured to each side of the vehicle. The images are continually processed and digitally ‘stitched’ together to provide a seamless 360° ‘Birds Eye View’ on the LCD monitor. This ensures the driver can see hazards all around the vehicle, to eliminate the blind spots, resulting in improved safety for other road users and passengers.  Five different views can be selected through the control button, some of which are automatically selected when the turn indicators or reverse gear is selected.


360° vehicle camera

Up to 8 cameras can be used in conjunction with our 360 Camera System


360 cameras


The 360 Camera System Bird’s Eye View AVM monitoring system differs quite substantially from the conventional systems which relies only on side mirrors and a rear camera while parking.




The driver can manually engage full screen front or rear view, which provides a much wider camera image of the vehicle front/rear surroundings. This is very useful when visibility is restricted – for example at a junction with a hedge or wall blocking the view of the oncoming traffic, or reversing out onto a road, many accidents are caused this way, Smart Vision 360 will ‘see what you can’t see’

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Create a bespoke solution with add ons

The 360 camera system can operate as just a camera feeding info into the driver’s monitor.  Recording capability can be added with an internal SSD or HDD up to 1TB.  It can also be connected to fleet software if required, using the ethernet connection, 4G Dongle or Wireless dongle, which can connect to a 4G Router.

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